Internal & External Yeast Infection

By Kathleen Stevens

Known as Candidiasis in the scientific community, yeast infection creates a cottage cheese like white substance and will cause sufferers much pain and discomfort.

Left untreated the infection can affect a person's immune system and make conditions ripe for serious diseases that can be life threatening over time. The following 10 symptoms should get your attention and cause you to seek a diagnosis.

The majority of these symptoms will have to do with external parts of the body. I have included some that will affect the internal parts of the an individual as well.

1. The yeast infection bacteria normally like to develop first in damp wet areas. It then causes the affected part to severely itch. The problem is the areas affected can be the mouth or the vagina making scratching a very difficult proposition. Red itchy rashes will also show up on the skin.

2. Once infected you will generally feel a burning sensation and the area will be sensitive to the touch. Blisters and itchiness is not always present but you may feel a numbness or tingly feeling.

3. Having this condition can cause a heightened sensitivity to chemicals. These chemicals can be in the form of antibiotics, sugars or processed food (refined carbohydrates).

4. Other conditions you may start to feel are an imbalance in mental and physical coordination. Moving normally becomes difficult, there's a tendency to become lazy, focusing becomes a chore. Then there are the increased mood swings and negative emotions that start to appear.

5. You may notice a white mucous discharge through the genitalia or the digestive system. Whitish patches can show up in the mouth. Both of these conditions can resemble and have a sent like bread, light cheese or beer.

6. Gastrointestinal Cadidiasis affects the digestive system. Bloating, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal cramps are all symptoms that can happen. Sometimes at the same time. Another possible issue is irritable bowel syndrome affecting bowel movement.

7. Generally women are the ones who suffer most with genitourinary cadidiasis though men can also be afflicted. Sexual intercourse is not the only way this condition is contracted. Coming into contact with an infected individual through touch or sharing of food and liquids can pass the infection. On the subject of sexual intercourse, participating in this activity while infected can be very painful. Also, urination becomes more pressing. Men can suffer with protatitis while women can have difficult menstrual cramps.

8. Sometimes causing dryness in the mouth is oral candidiasis. Cracks in the tongue and bleeding of the gums are symptoms. The corners of the mouth may affected with fissures.

9. Shortness of breath, persistent coughing, wheezing are symptoms of respiratory cadidiasis. Chest pain and tightening are indications of this as well.

10. he white area of the eye (sclera) is covered by a membrane called conjunctiva that can become inflamed or irritated. A concern with yeast infection in regards to the eye is the retina (image capturing portion of the eye) will try to defend itself against bacteria by storing pus into an inflamed tissue area
which could permanently damage the person's eyesight.

Even though you may now know ten reasons of possible yeast infections, sometimes the symptoms may not surface. Or you may think your symptoms are based on another sickness you had. Always consult your doctor if you are feeling ill but can't quite figure out what is going on. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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