Why Are Women Usually Attacked by a Yeast Infection?

There are a number of symptoms that cause the discomfort of yeast infection scratching and itching. These can be redness, inflammation, a rash on the skin, a burning sensation when urinating or pain during intercourse.
These are only some of the different symptoms people, especially women, are affected by. Constant itching and the pain resulting from the infection makes people desperate for a resolution that is fast, low cost and long term. Individuals try all sorts of solutions from over the counter medications to natural remedies.

So, what and who is the offender for this most uncomfortable situation? The culprit is called Candida Albicans and is a microorganism that resides in our bodies in damp areas.

Normally, Candida albicans do not affect us in any way as long as our bodies stay in balance with our healthy bacteria and our potentially injurious bacteria.

Once this balance is shifted by some illness or contact with another infected person, the Candida albicans will have a growth explosion and cause the above mentioned symptoms. The growth explosion will then spread to areas of the body and skin and create the yeast infection scratching and itching that drives people crazy.
So, why are women more affected that anyone else by this issue? Research has shown that 25-50% of women are more susceptible to the candida microorganism residing in their bodies. The healthy bacteria that also resides in a woman's body helps to fight off any Candida outbreak. It is only when a woman's immune system weakens and or is in contact with and infected individual does the Candida become strong enough to create the infection.

To really be able to resolve the yeast infection outbreak the specific symptoms affecting the individual will need to be addressed one at a time. Antibiotics will sometimes affect the healthy bacteria that helps manage the Candida growth and can be counteracted by applying yogurt to affected areas helping restore the natural balance of the body.

Estrogen levels also play a role in women being affected by the yeast infection. Taking birth control pills (containing estrogen) and pregnancy can cause an imbalance in women making it easier for the Candida to grow. Detergents, foam and jelly contraceptives, fabric softeners, feminine sprays and hygiene sprays can perpetuate the infection.

Menopause causes vaginal wall thinning creating another avenue for infectious organisms to attack the body.

And this can lead to yeast infection.

We can't end this article without mentioning stress and it's potential for creating the right climate for infection.

Take action and learn all you can about this awful condition so you can live life freely and healthy.

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Develop a strong body to fight off infection.