Home Remedies For Yeast Infections - Simple Prevention Creates A Happy Vagina

At one point or another, a woman will know what suffering from a yeast infection is like and how uncomfortable it can be. The Candida Albicans which causes the yeast infection fungus is a normal resident of your body. The red rash and difficult urination makes a woman become very irritable.

Due to the vagina's increased level of acidity a yeast infection is normally staved off. The trigger for the infection is when certain factors allow for an explosive growth of the Candida Albicans fungus. With so many home remedies for yeast infections having been discovered in the twenty first century it is a shame that so many women have suffered with this affliction for so long.

Here are some of the items that cause a reduction in the vagina's acidity helping the fungus to proliferate:

Antibiotics - Taking these can disrupt the body's balance by killing off the good bacteria;

Menstrual cycle;

Mismanagement of diabetes;

A stressful life; and

Poor hygiene practices

Rather than consulting with their doctor and experiencing the embarrassment, many women choose to use yeast infections natural remedies for their treatment. They can do so in the privacy of their home. A white vaginal discharge, sexual intercourse pain, itching, burning while urinating and swelling of the vulva are all indications an infection is taking place.

Before we speak of remedies, it is also important to practice prevention before cure; some of the simple ways to avoid yeast infections are so plain that it becomes a mystery why some sufferers fail to do them.

1. Avoid wearing tight jeans all the time.

2. When finishing using the bathroom start your wipe from front to back not back to front.

3. Use light fitting panties instead of tight fitting.

4. Deodorant laced tampons and pads should never be used.

5. Clothes made of cotton and other natural fibers are best to wear.

Now come some of the home remedies that will surely help you in your fight with yeast infections.

Honey is the first: swabbing a good amount of the honey onto the affected area and letting it sit for 30 minutes or so before removing should bring relief.

Second, douche using yogurt. Yes, you read right; it has been found out that yogurt used as a douche will work wonders just before you go to sleep.

Third is a tampon with tea tree oil: keep a tampon soaked with tea tree oil inserted into your vagina until the morning.

These simple home remedies for yeast infections will produce good results if you couple it with a radical change in your diet as well. Avoid sugary food at all times because they only feed the fungus even more. Also, cut your intake of processed foods and take a good set of multivitamins to wake up your immune system and bring it to its optimum performance.

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